Around the shop…

With more layoffs announced today at GKN, its a good time to remind our membership that donations of canned goods can be made at the hall anytime during business hours or at your local lodge meeting. These donations help offset the cost of putting food on the table for our Brothers and Sisters that are affected  by the layoff.

I would also like to remind the membership that the union does not layoff . THE COMPANY DOES. Being disrespectful towards your union representatives is counterproductive in these hard times. Everybody at the hall, all the stewards, and plant chairmen will do what they can to get these members back to work. One thing I have heard is that quite a few Brothers and Sisters have had luck getting on over at Boeing. I believe either Earl or Steve or Roger could help with getting your application ready and get the code needed to be put on your app to get it moving along faster.




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