IAM-GKN Negotiations Survival Handbook

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.07.59 PMLet’s face it, contract time and the negotiations for a new contract is a time filled with questions, uncertainty, high anxiety and a roller coaster of emotions guaranteed to rival that of any amusement park ride.

It’s a process that will be repeated about every 3 years and one that cannot be avoided. You and your families need a contract that ensures good wages, good benefits, and good working conditions.  You deserve no less.

In the IAM-GKN Negotiations Survival Handbook, we will explain how the negotiations process works. We will also talk about your role in the negotiations process, what you – as a member – can do to help. There is also a section in this Handbook to help you cope with the pressures and anxiety that we all experience during contract time. We will do this by exposing some of the tactics the company will try to use on you to put doubt in your mind and to create turmoil amongst our ranks. We have also provided an overview of members’ rights under the National Labor Relations Act. There is a special section on frequently asked questions and answers that always surface during negotiations.

While using this Handbook please remember one thing:  Together, standing strong as one Union and speaking as one loud voice, we can improve our standard of living.

Your Negotiating Committee hopes that this Handbook will help to answer some of your questions, help you to remain strong, and help you support each other in the weeks ahead.

IAM-GKN Negotiations Survival Handbook



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