Even Snow Won’t Stop Us

Negotiating Committee outside with a wood pile in the snow.

Your negotiating committee is gearing up for the continuation of bargaining with GKN Aerospace February 8. Our ultimate goal is to get a contract offer that addresses current issues,  a contract that everyone can live with. The additional time the extension provides allows for more negotiations to get us closer to our goal.

We will have more information for you the week of February 8. Thank you for your support during this time, especially by telling the company what you need to ratify an agreement when asked.

Keep checking this website, www.IAM387.org, text updates if you have signed up for them, and IAM Local 387’s Facebook page. Stay healthy and safe.

Six members standing outside in the snow with chainsaws after cutting wood.
Negotiating Committee members cutting wood.

Negotiations To Continue…

A photo of the IAM Local 387 negotiating committee.

After more than six weeks of negotiations with GKN Aerospace, IAM Local 387’s negotiating committee reports little progress on the two-tier wage issue, elimination of the PPO plan or the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). These key issues have been at the forefront of our negotiation process. Day after day, the committee has brought your issues to the table.

The committee has not yet received a last, best and final offer from the company. We have agreed to an extension through midnight February 21 in an effort to get you the best possible offer and address your issues and concerns. The January 24 vote has been postponed. Face-to-face bargaining will resume February 8. Details to follow. For more information, visit www.IAM387.org.

Thursday Update

Thursday’s negotiations with GKN Aerospace continued to focus on wages, the two-tier pay scale and health benefits. While movement is slow, the committee remains steadfast in its efforts.  If you haven’t completed a strike duty form, please see your shop steward or plant chairman.

Too Many Takeaways

You told us you want the best contract possible. We’re far apart on wage proposals. We’re still fighting to get everyone on Schedule A, but the company is not receptive at this time.

Our initial proposal was for everyone to have access to the PPO Basic Plan, but the company has refused and wants to remove it for those currently on it.

GKN wants too many takeaways. We are working diligently to convince the company that is not the right move. NOW is the time to fight for what is right.


Fighting Hard

The IAM Local 387 negotiating committee is fighting hard to make sure there are no-takeaways at this point. While we’ve had positive movement in our negotiations with GKN, we still have some concerns about the company’s progress, as we move toward our January 24th contract vote.

Still Fighting

A photo of the negotiating committee at the table with masks on.

The IAM Local 387 Negotiating Committee is still fighting to make sure members receive a fair, equitable contract that addresses all of the concerns outlined in their surveys prior to the beginning of negotiations December 1.  

The committee continues to fight for improvements to all issues discussed during the last week, including wages, hours, subcontracting, holidays, safety and sick leave, to name a few.

It is imperative that members remain united on the GKN shop floor and in the community, as the committee puts members’ best interests at the forefront of negotiations every day. We are working to get a contract you can be proud of. Thank you for your support during this crucial time.

Economic Demands Presented

This morning, your bargaining committee presented to the company the comprehensive economic demands of Lodge 387 members, demands that recognize our members as essential. Keep checking this website, IAM387.org, for future updates.